The name of this organization shall be the Chesapeake Democratic Committee, hereafter referred to as "the CDC."


Section 1.

The CDC is organized under the authority of and in accordance with the Party Plan of the Democratic Party of Virginia currently in effect. Nothing contained in these bylaws is intended to conflict with either the Code of Virginia or the Democratic Party Plan. If any such conflict should occur between these bylaws and the Code of Virginia and/or the Party Plan, then the Code of Virginia or the Democratic Party Plan, as the case may be, shall have precedence.

Section 2.

All activities of the CDC shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant provision of the Democratic Party Plan.

Section 3.

The purpose of the CDC shall be to conduct the affairs of the Democratic Party of Virginia in the City of Chesapeake by actively registering citizens to vote and encouraging voting participation. The CDC may interview qualified citizens who seek its endorsement in local elections, partisan and nonpartisan, and who are willing to adhere to the principals of the National and Virginia Democratic Party Platforms. Presentation to the CDC membership for consideration for endorsement shall require an interview of the candidate by a CDC Candidate panel and the prospective candidate’s agreement to the terms of the CDC Candidate Protocol. If the CDC votes to endorse such candidates, it shall do so in a way as to not violate local ordinances or CDC Bylaws.


Section 1.

The Virginia Democratic Party Plan requires that an election to reorganize the CDC be accomplished by the first Saturday in December in odd-numbered years. Accordingly, during each such year, the re-organizational elections of the CDC shall be conducted in accordance with its membership approved plan.

Section 2.

Annual dues assessments for membership may be levied at the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the CDC and confirmation by the Membership and paid at the time the membership application is submitted.

Paid dues constitute membership in good standing. Page 2 of 5

Section 3.

Any person representing the City of Chesapeake by holding any national, state or local elective office, who at the time of his or her most recent election to the office shall have been elected as an officially designated candidate of the Democratic Party, shall be an ex-officio member of the CDC. Any resident of the City of Chesapeake who serves as a member of the Democratic State Central Committee shall also be an ex-officio member of the CDC during the term of that person’s membership on the State Central Committee. Ex-officio members shall not be subject to removal from the CDC by reason of their absences from meetings of the CDC.


At each re-organizational meeting, officers of the CDC will be elected. The Temporary Chair of the CDC, elected by the membership for the purposes of conducting the elections, will take nominations from the floor and all persons present who are members of the Committee will vote for the following: Chair, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Director, and Sergeant-at-Arms.


The Executive Committee of the CDC shall consist of the elected Officers, and, on a non-voting basis, a Parliamentarian appointed by the Chair.

Persons elected to the Executive Committee shall serve a term of two years from the date of the organizational meeting or until a proper subsequent election is conducted and shall serve on the Fundraising Committee.


Section 1.

The duties of the Chair shall include presiding at all meetings of the CDC, administering and executing all rules adopted by the Committee, and appointing a CDC member in good standing to serve as Parliamentarian, as well as any other position deemed appropriate, and appointing or chairing all standing and special committees including chairs thereof, except those chaired by another officer as provided elsewhere in this Article VI. The Chair shall be an ex officio member of all such committees. The Chair shall attend Central Committee meetings and the meetings of any Board or Committee to which s/he is elected or appointed by the State Democratic Party.

Section 2.

The First Vice-Chair shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair, perform all duties delegated by the Chair, and have all the authority of the Chair when the latter, for any cause, is unable to act. The First Vice-Chair shall assume the position of the Chair should the position become vacant. The First Vice-Chair shall serve as Chair of the Membership Committee. Page 3 of 5

Section 3.

The Second Vice-Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair and the First Vice-Chair and shall have all the authority of the Chair when both the Chair and First Vice-Chair are, for any reason, unable to act. The Second Vice-Chair shall perform all duties delegated by the Chair. The Second Vice-Chair shall assume the position of First Vice-Chair should the position become vacant. The Second Vice-Chair shall serve as Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Section 4.

The Secretary shall keep an accurate and permanent record of all the proceedings of the CDC and of the Executive Committee; serve as custodian of the records of the CDC, except those financial records retained by the Treasurer; to keep a roster of paid members; give proper notice of meetings, maintain all official correspondence and to maintain/file the roll at all meetings with the formal minutes, and serve as chair of the Communications Committee.

Section 5.

The Treasurer shall administer the funds of the CDC, exercise general supervision over the income and expenditures of the CDC, keep accurate books of account of all business and transactions of the CDC, make regular reports to the Membership at meetings, keep a roster of paid members cooperate fully in all audits; file the CDC financial disclosure reports with the State Board of Elections quarterly, and serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Section 6.

The Financial Director shall receive all dues and other funds payable to the CDC and turn such funds over to the Treasurer for deposit to the account of the CDC; and maintain roll at all meetings.

Section 7.

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall supervise the setting up of all CDC meetings and caucuses and maintain order at all meetings and functions of the CDC.


Section 1.

The full Democratic Committee shall meet on a monthly basis, except in the months of July and December.

Section 2.

Meetings of the CDC shall be held: (a) on the second Thursday of the month or (b) upon the call of the Chair whenever it is in the interest of the party, or (c) within fifteen (15) days following receipt by the Chair of a written request, signed by at least five (5) members of Page 4 of 5

the membership, stating the purpose for which a meeting is requested. In (c) above, the Chair shall give at least ten (10) days notice by mail/email to the entire membership stating the purpose for which the special meeting is called, and at such meeting no other business shall be transacted except upon a majority vote of the members in good standing who are present and voting.

Section 3.

The Executive Committee shall meet whenever it is considered necessary to execute party business.

Section 4.

Fifteen (15) CDC members in good standing shall constitute a quorum at CDC meetings.

Section 5.

A simple majority of the quorum shall be necessary for the passage of any motion or resolution by the CDC.

Section 6.

"Robert’s Rules of Order" shall govern all CDC, Executive Committee or Special Committee meetings.

Section 7.

Any member of the CDC who, without notification to the Chair, is absent from three consecutive regular meetings shall be sent a letter by the Secretary asking if he or she desires to remain a member of the CDC. This section does not apply to public office holders.


Section 1. Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall distribute, receive and process the CDC Membership application forms accompanied with the payment of dues; develop and expand membership; maintain a data base of Membership; and vet CDC members who vote at meetings.

Section 2. Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee shall identify, organize, publicize and implement all fundraising activities and give a report of such activities to the Membership.

Section 3. Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall notify CDC members of CDC meetings, CDC or Party events and elections; and verify the accuracy and relevance of information posted on the CDC website and Facebook page. Page 5 of 5


No member of the CDC shall publicly support, endorse or assist a candidate who is opposing a nominated Democratic candidate. The CDC may remove from both office and membership, by a majority of those members in good standing who are present, and voting, any person found guilty of neglect of any duty imposed upon him or her.


Vacancies on the CDC shall be filled at any regular meeting of the CDC. Nominations will be accepted from the floor, and voted on by a majority of members in good standing present. A majority vote by those eligible to vote will constitute election to the office.


These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the CDC members in good standing who are present after presentation at a meeting, of which members were given fifteen (15) days notice and said notification to be accompanied by the proposed amendments