CDC General Meeting
April 12, 2018, 7:15 PM
Rivercrest Community Center


7:15 PM      Meet & Greet, Set Up, Check in, Committee Time, Candidate Sign up
7:30 PM     Call to Order

Roll Call: Election of New Members
Call for Additional Agenda Items

Officer’s Reports
            First Vice Chair
            Second Vice C    hair  
            Financial Secretary
            Sergeant at Arms
            Chief Information Officer
Standing Committee Reports

Precincts and Burroughs    
Public Affairs,Outreach/Candidate Recruitment. Social Media, Media

Unfinished Business
            Ideas for New Location for CDC General Meetings
            CDC Summer Picnic Committee and Refreshment Sign Ups
            Candidate Interview Committee Report and Candidate Information
New Business
          CDC Election Support

Independent Candidate Introductions     - 3 minutes each, plus Q&A
Vote to Endorse    

    Social Breakfast for May
Committees Meet, Refreshments and Conversation

8:55 PM     Dismissal - The room must be cleared and vacated by 9 PM.

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Next Meeting - Thursday May 10, 2018
June General Meeting, Wednesday, June 13, 2018
No meetings in July and December



“Individual commitment
to a group effort,
 that is what makes a team work, 
a company work,
a society work,
a civilization work.”
                                                                                ---Vince Lombardi


Included in this Agenda Packet

April Agenda-page 1

Agenda Packet
Table of Contents-page 2

March Minutes-page 3

Standing Committee Reports
- Public Affairs/Outreach-page 5

Unfinished Business
- Proposed ByLaws: 


- Ideas for New Location for CDC General Meetings -page 5



- CDC Summer Picnic Committee -page 5

- Refreshments Sign Up-page 5

- Independent Candidate Reviews Report-page 6

- Candidate Information-page 6

New Business


- CDC Election Election Support -page 8 


For your information the following has been included:
CDC Candidate Endorsement Policy-page 9




Chesapeake Democratic Committee (CDC) Minutes

March 8, 2018


A General Meeting of the Chesapeake Democratic Committee (CDC) was called to

order by First Vice Chair Clayton Spruill on March 8, 2018 at 7:30 p.m., at the Rivercrest Community Center.





Present: Clayton Spruill, First Vice Chair

Cathy Bohan, Second Vice Chair

Kecia Brothers-Hayes, Secretary

Sean Horan, Treasurer

David Midkiff, Financial Secretary

Excused - Randy Menefee, Chair

Excused – Linda Bryant, Sergeant of Arms


Present from the Committee: Bettie Anderson, Charles Bohan, Virginia Bonds, Lawanda Carter, Walton Curtis, Mary Dail, George Garland, Marie Gibson,

Sandra Goodwin, Shannon Hardwick, Corwin Hayes, Tia Hayes, Cliff Hayes, Jr., Judith Hinch, Eileen Huey, Lucretha Hyman, Annette Kelly, Tom Kennedy, Lisa Kennedy, Dr. Pat King, Duane McNair, Nancy McPherson, Kevin O’Brien, Audrey Potts, Cheryl

Rouland, Bethany Rowland, Maria Ruckman, Yvonne Stuart, Bob Stuart, Robert Stuart, James Taliaferro, Dr. Margaret Timmons, and Deborah White.



Clayton Spruill, First Vice Chair moved, and seconded by Cathy Bohan, Second Vice Chair, to approve the minutes from the General Body Meeting of February 15, 2018 after the addition of one correction: The following individuals applied for and were accepted as CDC members: Lawanda Carter,Cheryl Rouland, Charlotte Worley, Dawn Riddick, Raegan Riddick, Rodrick Riddick, Dana Davis, and Christopher Faulk. The minutes were approved as presented by unanimous consent.



No additional items were added to the agenda.



Clayton Spruill, First Vice Chair informed members Randy Menefee, Chair had a family issue and will not be in attendance.


Cathy Bohan, Second Vice Chair thanked members and encouraged others to sign up for the standing committees.  



Sean Horan, Treasurer reported the budget had not been developed. He presented the balance, deposits, and no expenditures for the last month. Kevin O’Brien made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. It was seconded by David Midkiff. The Treasurer’s Report was approved.


Mr. Horan announced the application for membership would include information requested by the Virginia State Board of Election regarding employer and title of position.  


Additionally, Mr. Horan requested $610.00 (2 years payment) to maintain the CDC’s website, which will include online payment services.   Kevin O’Brien moved to approve funding for the website, and it was seconded by Judith Hinch. It was approved unanimously.



David Midkiff, Financial Secretary, introduced the Bylaws committee members.  He thanked them for them for their time and hard work. Mr. Midkiff provided an overview of the Bylaws, and addressed questions.  A discussion of the ByLaws followed. Mr. Midkiff noted that our current Amendment process requires 15 days notice, which was not met. He stated the Bylaws will be sent with more than 15 days notice and they will be presented and voted on at the April 12 General Meeting.



A. Kismet Nettles from the Chesapeake Democratic Women (CDW),  thanked the CDC members for their support of the Joint Meet & Greet event. She announced that CDW members have agreed to volunteer at specific precincts on May 1, 2018.

B. First Vice Chair, Clayton Spruill offered candidates running for Chesapeake City Council and School Board an opportunity to introduce themselves to the committee. The candidates who spoke were Dr. Pat King, who is running for the School Board and Council Member Dr. Ella Ward’s Campaign Manager, Erin Carter.

C. Bettie Anderson moved that the CDC support Council Member Dwight Parker, Council Member Dr. Ella Ward, Mr. Lessie Smith for City Council, and Dr. Pat King for School Board. It was seconded by Mary Dail. The motion was passed by a vote of 16 supporting, 9 opposed, with 5 abstaining.



Next meeting will be held April 12th, 2018.

Chair, Spruill adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m


Kecia N. Brothers-Hayes,

CDC Secretary





Standing Committee Reports


Public Affairs/Outreach

The Outreach Committee has been working with the Burroughs and Precinct Chair, David Midkiff, to set up phone banks. Margaret Timmons, Maria Ruckman, and Bettie Anderson, with other volunteers, have been making calls for our candidates.



They are also setting up the phone banks for the CDC combined campaign calls to get out the vote for our candidates. Sign up sheets will be available after the meeting or contact Bettie Anderson at or call/text at 757- 434-0433.

Unfinished Business


Proposed Draft as of March 17, 2018


Ideas for New Location for CDC General Meetings

Our current location allows for a meeting from 7-9 pm only. Cost is $80 per meeting and we must contract for 3 months at a time. We are committed to this location through the May meeting.


It has been suggested that we look at alternatives for the future. It was also suggested that we  allow time for committee meetings and networking prior to the meeting, possibly beginning as early as 6 pm. Space is needed for 30-50 people.


Anyone with detailed information of an alternate venue, please contact Randy Menefee at

Summer Picnic Committee

The Chair would entertain a motion to have a CDC Summer Picnic Social in July. Interested members would be needed to  serve on a committee to plan and execute it. Because the venue may need immediate reservation, we would need to decide location quickly.

Refreshments Sign Ups

Please consider signing up now to bring refreshments to one of the next two CDC Meetings, on May 10 or June 14.  Sign up sheets are provided at all meetings.

Independent Candidate Interviews Report

All Candidates that were not Republican Endorsed were offered a meeting with members of the Executive Committee on March 2st and 23rd. They were screened during an interviewing process according to the Virginia State Party Plan and those determined to meet the criteria for being true Democrats and who wished to seek CDC endorsement were invited to introduce themselves to the membership at our meeting. Information to research these candidates’ platforms and backgrounds is included here.



Candidate Information

The following candidates have been invited to speak at our Meeting. Please review their backgrounds and platforms before the meeting. They will be presented for endorsement.


Candidate for Mayor

Jo Anne Gallant

Candidates for City Council

Mary Lou Burke





New Business

Election Support


This is it!

This is one of the main reasons for the existence of a Chesapeake Democratic Committee:

get out the vote to elect candidates who believe in and vote for Democratic principles in actions taken by our governing bodies.


Tell a Friend to Vote

If everyone can remind three friends every week to vote,  and if everyone could get ten extra people to the polls on Election Day, that could be thousands of additional votes! And it could influence the outcome!

How to Get Involved

We have a need for volunteers now and through Election Day. If everyone pitches in with a little of their personal time, we can have a great effect on this election.

Volunteer Today!

For all the Candidates

Phone Banks - The CDC will be holding phone banks for combined campaigns of our endorsed candidates. Bettie Anderson is handling schedules for MON - SAT, morning, afternoon, and evening. Please step up to volunteer in this important work by contacting

Bettie at or call/text at 757- 434-0433.

For a Specific Candidate.
Each of the candidates need people on their teams and can talk to you about their specific needs. Activities are already in full swing. Please do not leave the meeting without signing up for someone to contact you. They will answer all your questions work with your schedule to get you involved. 

Volunteer on Election Day, May 1

Poll Coverage

This is one of the most effective ways you can help to elect our Democratic candidates. Our goal is to provide a person at every poll for the entire time the polls are open. We are asking every member of our CDC to help in the effort to cover every one of the 256 polls in our 64 precincts from 6 am to 7 pm. Shifts are flexible to fit your schedule.

If you would like to coordinate poll workers or take a shift (or two!) handing out our sample ballots onsite, please sign up at the meeting or contact Cathy Bohan at


CDC Candidate Endorsement Policy

The Chesapeake Democratic Committee commits to the following actions related to endorsement resulting from a vote of approval for endorsement by the CDC membership for each candidate.

CDC Candidates Endorsement Policy

The Chesapeake Democratic Committee (CDC) will vote to endorse Democratic candidates in local and non-partisan elections following the requirements of the State Party Plan, Democratic Party of Virginia Voter File (Votebuilder) Policy, our CDC Bylaws and the Local Chairs’ Handbook. If the candidate is running as a Democrat and is a member of the CDC, they must be in good standing. If the candidate is running as an Independent and is not a member of the CDC, they will be interviewed by a committee of CDC officers and must be verified as a supporter of the ideals of the Democratic Party prior to endorsement. This procedure is implemented acknowledging that, at times, it may be prudent to endorse an Independent when Democratic candidates are lacking. The State Party Plan and the Local Chairs’ Handbook supports this strategy as can be referenced in Local Chairs’ Handbook Chapter 8 Section I and  Democratic Party of Virginia Voter File (Votebuilder) Policy Section IV.


All CDC endorsed candidates being treated equally, an endorsement by the CDC will include at the expense of the CDC:


1) Information Posted on CDC Website and Facebook - Candidate’s name and the office they are seeking listed on the CDC website.


2) Campaign Events - Candidate’s  campaign activities and events will be posted on the on the CDC Website Monthly Calendar  and CDC Facebook page. The candidate must provide all information at least two days before post date.

3) Addition to the CDC Website Endorsed Candidates Page -  Candidate’s picture (size), a statement from the candidate of 200 words or less describing about their reason for candidacy, and up to two pertinent campaign related links will be posted.


4) Sample Ballots - A sample ballot displaying  all CDC endorsed candidates listed in alphabetical order will be printed and  delivered to all Chesapeake polls prior to the opening of said polls where there is a representative of the CDC, CDW, or combined campaign to accept receipt with the following stipulation: Should the CDC find a lack of the necessary number of volunteers to accept and or distribute the ballots to every poll, the CDC will make every effort to resolve the issue with the campaigns, choosing priority polls together as required, all parties realizing that volunteers may not be available for each and every poll during every shift.


5) Poll Workers - The CDC will work to coordinate with all local organizations and endorsed campaigns to provide  poll workers to hand out sample ballots at all polls, again, realizing the limited number of available volunteers, but working conscientiously with all parties to build a robust system for manning the polls. We expect all parties to work with us in good faith towards this goal by sharing their plans for poll coverage.

6) Phone Banks and Canvassers - The CDC will set up Coordinated Campaign phone banks and canvassers through the CDC


Outreach Committee, to provide information to the Chesapeake voters supporting all of the CDC endorsed candidates. Although available volunteers may be limited, the CDC and the CDC Outreach committee will make the best attempt to use these volunteers strategically and with dedicated effort. Outreach Committee contacts will be provided to each endorsed candidate so both candidates and volunteers are updated of activities, citizen concerns, offers of support or volunteerism, and other results from this voter contact.


7) Access to Volunteer Recruitment Opportunities - The CDC will provide opportunities for access to potential volunteers and  volunteer lists. The CDC will publicize volunteers needs on our website and in other routine communications for coordinated campaign activities such as phone banking, canvassing, and poll working. Individual candidates must provide content for event specific needs for the CDC to share at least two days prior to post date.The candidates will be provided the opportunity to speak at each CDC General Body Meeting between now and the election to seek support and volunteer signups, time strictly not to exceed 5 minutes and with notification to the Chair or Secretary of intent to speak prior to the start of the meeting. Candidates are all expected to speak at the meeting following the election (win or lose) to thank the volunteers for their time and effort.

In return for all of the above, the candidate will share the volunteer lists they create during that week of campaigning with the CDC. The 2nd Vice Chair or designated representative will add this information to the CDC Volunteer Database routinely to

build a stronger Democratic campaign support network in Chesapeake.


Access to VoteBuilder - As the Virginia State Democratic Party dictates, a Democratic candidate endorsed by the CDC may apply for access to the VoteBuilder database. This access must be requested of and filed with the CDC Chair. VoteBuilder access is subject to approval by the State Party and is independent of CDC.


The CDC, represented here by the Chair, and Candidate, represented by him or herself, will work together in a relationship of open communication and cooperation recognizing that the mission shared is to win the seats in offices at all levels for supporters of the Democratic Party. The shared activity is to inform, register, and encourage voters who support the Democratic Party ideals  of Chesapeake to vote on election day for the candidate. It is with the best intentions that the CDC undergoes the endorsement of this candidate and the candidate agrees to the provisions of the endorsement.



Randy Menefee, Chair Chesapeake Democratic Committee                 




Candidate for Office